Dr Gareth Southwell is a philosopher, writer, and illustrator from the UK. He’s been involved with philosophy for thirty years – studying, teaching, examining, writing – and published numerous philosophy books on various topics, most aimed at general readers. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook, follow his book reviews, and keep up to date regarding his writing, reading, and other matters via his newsletter. He writes fiction under the fiendishly contrived pen name Gareth J. Southwell, and is also a professional book cover designer and illustrator.

Philosophy Books

Over the past 15 years I've published numerous philosophy books on a range of subjects, mostly aimed at A Level and undergraduate students, as well as those new to philosophy and the general reader.

Virtue: A Short(ish) Guide to Moral Philosophy – introductory Philosophy books by Gareth Southwell

Are you Happy? Are you fulfilled? Are you living a good life? Are you a good person?

Writing over 2,500 years ago, the Greek philosopher Aristotle had a lot of interesting things to say on these questions – even if we don't always agree with him.

Virtue: A Short(ish) Guide to Moral Philosophy, Part 1, the first in a three-part series, focuses on Aristotle’s virtue ethics, providing an informative, engaging and critical guide to his Nicomachean Ethics for the beginner, student and general reader.

Descartes's Dog: Animals, Machines, and the Problem of Other Minds – introductory Philosophy books by Gareth Southwell
Descartes's Dog

Animals feel pain – so much is obvious. But René Descartes didn’t think so.

This short book investigates Descartes's "mechanistic" attitude to animals, and shows how they have a surprising legacy.

Written in an engaging and humorous style, this short book investigates the roots of this philosophy, exploring the connections between Descartes’s view of animals, AI, and the persisting puzzle of consciousness.

The Speculative Book Blog

Book Reviews of All Things Philosophical and Speculative

Reviewing philosophy, psychology, science, technology, history, politics, and also fiction with a speculative element.

Contact me to submit a book for consideration – traditional and self-published authors welcome.

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