Here is a list of my other published works in magazines, newspapers, etc.

  • ‘The Future of Work: Marx and Technology’, The Philosophers’ Magazine, Issue 81, 2nd quarter 2018
  • ‘Dementia: Remembering the Forgotten Disease’, and ‘What’s in a Name? Writers and Pseudonyms’, Avanti Magazine, Winter 2013
  • ‘Art for Art’s Sake: Art, Media and Propaganda’ Avanti Magazine, Autumn 2013
  • ‘To Hell and Back: Understanding Eternal Torment’ Avanti Magazine, Autumn 2013
  • ‘We are not alone! Perhaps…’ Avanti Magazine, Summer 2013
  • ‘Alchemy and the Birth of Science.’ Avanti Magazine, Spring 2013
  • ‘Stoicism: Life is good, if you know how to live it.’ Avanti Magazine, Winter 2012
  • ‘Transhumanism: Do we want to be more than human?’ Avanti Magazine, Autumn 2012
  • Author’s Notes, The Western Mail, April 2nd 2011