Paradoxes: 100 Philosophical Paradoxes from Achilles to Zeno

(Metro Books, 2020) – with Gary Hayden and Michael Picard

Welcome to the perplexing world of the paradoxical. Paradoxes unveils how weird the world of thought can be. Divided into eight mind-bending chapters, it takes you on a fascinating journey from the counterintuitive to the downright absurd. On the way, it will introduce you to such topics as impossible objects, how to expect the unexpected, and the trouble with time travel.

Packed with thought experiments, real-life examples, and exercises for you to try, Paradoxes is a book that will change the way you perceive everything around you. It also introduces you to some of the great names in the field of paradoxes, from ancient Greek philosophers to Albert Einstein.

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Forthcoming 2020.