Philosophy: Key Texts

(Palgrave Macmillan, 2012)

Philosophy can often seem difficult and off-putting to the beginner, who can be intimidated by its jargon and confused by its subtlety of argument. The aim of this book is therefore to act as a no-nonsense guide for the student and general reader, clearly setting out the main arguments and ideas of six of philosophy’s most influential texts in such a way that allows the reader to directly engage with them – for you to do philosophy for yourself.

Philosophy: Key Texts looks at:

  • Plato’s Republic
  • Descartes’s Meditations
  • Hume’s Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
  • Mill’s On Liberty
  • Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil
  • Sartre’s Existentialism and Humanism

Each section comes with its own further reading and glossary. This is the second edition of this popular text, and includes additional and updated material. You may also want to refer to its companion volume, volume, Philosophy: Key Themes, the second edition of which introduces six of philosophy’s central topics.

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Praise for the first editions of Philosophy:Key Themes and Philosophy: Key Texts:

…these are very useful books, both of which I would recommend as valuable contributions to introductory literature in the field of philosophy.

Elizabeth Burns, Think