Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Are you living a good life? Are you a good person?

As your driverless car shuttles you off to your triannual Botox injection, you mind is free to ponder these questions. You have everything you need and more – wealth, status, robotic pool-cleaning fish. Who needs virtue when you have all that money can buy?

And how do you define “goodness” anyway? Does being good make you happy? Does being happy require being good? And how does all this relate to fulfilment? Damn. With consternation you realise that you are not equipped to answer such questions – but who is?

Virtue: A Short-ish Guide To Moral Philosophy, Part 1, is a beginner’s guide to moral philosophy, the first instalment in a three-part series that covers the three main ethical theories. This first book focuses on Aristotle’s virtue ethics, part two will look at Kant’s deontology, and part three will explore Mill’s utilitarianism. Ideal for both the general reader and the student, the book is written in an accessible, engaging and humorous style, while explaining and critically engaging with key concepts and issues.

Available for Pre-Order

The ebook is now available for pre-order through Amazon for a discounted price of £1.99, $2.99 in the US (affiliate links), and variations upon this in other currencies. The current scheduled release date is August 31st (just in time for those returning to studies – assuming we’re not all working from home by then…), although it’s likely that the publication date will be moved forward. To keep up to date with this, please sign up to my email list (The Monthly Ramble), where you will also receive a free ebook, discounts, giveaways, and of course my monthly thoughts on assorted philosophical topics.