Philosophy Resources

This page collects together all of the philosophy related resources that I produce – interactive games, guides, notes, etc – and will grow over time. I hope they’ll be useful and interesting for teachers and students, or just fun for whomever. Feel free to use them in any non-commercial setting – if in doubt, ask me – all I require is attribution (that I’ve developed the resources and a link to my website). Please also contact me to report typos and errors, or just to provide feedback.

I’ve also listed various useful things I’ve found on the web.

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Virtue Ethics


  • The Felicific Calculator. My tongue-in-cheek attempt to turn Jeremy Bentham’s felicific calculus into an interactive questionnaire (using Twine) that helps solves moral dilemmas. (There are a few bugs that I know of (such as allowing text input for numbers), but that’s on my list of things to fix when I get a moment. Let me know if you see any more.)